Bazzani Mauro Agricultural Company

High-Quality Vignola Cherries: Discover Bazzani Mauro in Spilamberto

Bazzani Mauro is a family-run agricultural company located in Spilamberto, in the province of Modena, dedicated to the cultivation of high-quality fruits, particularly the renowned Vignola cherries, typical of the area.

The fundamental values of the company are family and the production of genuine products, cultivated with passion and attention to quality, following local traditions.

Thanks to the care and commitment put into cultivation, Bazzani Mauro is able to offer top-level products, appreciated by both local customers and those from afar who seek the quality and authenticity of local produce.

Cherry of Love: The Logo and Website of Bazzani Mauro

The process of creating the logo and website for Bazzani Mauro agricultural company was a challenging yet exciting endeavor.

In designing the logo for Bazzani Mauro, I aimed to represent the two main values of the company: love for the family and love for their primary product, cherries.

To differentiate their style from competitors, I made it more modern and captivating while keeping the focus on tradition and nature.

The color palette chosen also reflects both cherries and nature, with shades of red, green, and brown.

The website was designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the company, with information about their productions, history, and environmental care.

I am proud of the final result and hope that our work can help the company stand out in the market and achieve even greater success.

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