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Experiences and Skills

Angelica Bazzani

Here is who I am and my professional journey.

My freelance path as a specialized Graphic Designer has been entirely self-driven, through online courses that provided me with the necessary knowledge for my work.

My background has allowed me to acquire expertise in image development for Photoshop, utilizing InDesign for graphics and printing, and Illustrator.

Furthermore, I have extensively learned about advertising campaigns on Facebook, enabling companies to be sponsored and reach a wider audience compared to any other advertising medium.

All of these skills have given me the opportunity to create highly innovative design projects for clients.

How Can I Help You?

As a freelance Graphic Designer, I can promote your company not only through logo design but also through rebranding or creating a brand from scratch.

To ensure that your company stands out with a unique logo, all you need to do is reach out to me, providing all the details you have in mind, so that we can create a project that makes a difference.

Logo Design

Brochure Design

Social Media Management

Website and E-commerce Graphics

Social media design

Copywriting Techniques

Logo Design
Website and E-commerce Graphics
Brochure Design
Social media design
Social media management

Revitalize Your Brand

I am at your disposal to revitalize your brand and improve your corporate image, making it unique and recognizable.

All you need to do is share your ideas and needs with me.

Together, we will develop the idea you want to bring to life.

Publishing a price list for a freelance graphic designer would be redundant and unnecessary for your company.

Therefore, I invite you to contact me for a personalized consultation based on your specific needs.

Bazzani Mauro Agricultural Company

Construction of the website for Bazzani Mauro Agricultural Company and the brand identity, including the logo. The company now has a consistent and recognizable image that is reflected on the website, presenting the products and services offered in a clear and professional manner.


UIX Design, WordPress Development, Brand Identity, Copywriting


Adobe XD, WordPress, Elementor, Illustrator

Marzio Moretti

Creation of the website for Ferri e Cavalli, a well-known rider from Mantua, using the versatile WordPress platform. Through this project, I contributed to enhancing the company’s online presence by developing a functional and professional website.


UIX Design, WordPress Development, Elementor


WordPress, Elementor, Photoshop

Ferri e cavalli

Creation of the website for Ferri e Cavalli, an e-commerce specializing in horse-related articles. Using the WordPress platform, I developed a functional and professional website, allowing the company to expand its online presence and increase product sales.


UIX Design, WordPress Development, Elementor, WooCommerce


Adobe XD, WordPress, Elementor, Photoshop

Ready to Revitalize Your Brand?

If you are looking to improve your company’s image or strengthen your brand, I am here to help you! Write to me and let me know your needs and ideas, and together we can create a successful project. I look forward to collaborating with you and making a difference for your business!